BOMA is your partner in recruitment, training and communication

Commercial real estate professionals look to BOMA as a leading source for industry education. BOMA San Francisco offers a variety of education programs to fit the needs of building owners, mid- to senior-level management company executives, young real estate professionals, corporate facility managers and onsite personnel.

BOMA San Francisco 2019 Education Program Schedule for classroom instructor-led accelerated designation courses

Looking for online-only courses? Click here to view courses offered by BOMI International.


Designation Courses

BOMA San Francisco offers designation coursework toward obtaining a RPA (Real Property Administrator) designation and for professionals needing a refresher course in the various aspects of building management. Professional designation programs are developed and regularly updated by the Building Owners and Managers Institute (BOMI).  Click here for local BOMASF RPA classes.


Experts in various fields provide in-depth information on topical issues affecting our industry.  Programs are usually 2-3 hours in length and provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits for those holding the RPA/FMA/SMA designations.  1 hour of class time equals 1 CPD credit.


These free, usually lunchtime, programs are designed to provide members with a brief look at a specific topic.  Workshops are member only events.

BOMA Emerging Professionals (BOMA EP) Career Success Workshops

BOMA Emerging Professionals, BOMA EP, are the members of our association in the early stage (0-7 years) of their commercial real estate  careers.   Career Success Workshops are lunchtime programs designed to enhance the learning and skill development of future industry and BOMA leaders. The workshops are open to all members but geared towards BOMA Emerging Professionals -- individuals in the early stages (0-7 years) of their commercial real estate careers that are looking for exposure to the skill sets necessary to excel and to the career paths available in this industry.  For a list of planned and previous topics, visit the BOMA EP Committee page.

Membership Luncheons

Membership luncheons offer a large-scale networking opportunity for members and feature speakers and/or topics of general interest to the commercial real estate industry.  


BOMA International hosts several conferences each year including the Annual Conference and The Office Building Show, National Issues Conference, the Winter Business Meeting and the Medical Office Buildings Conference.  Visit BOMA International's website for more detailed information.  BOMA California hosts conferences throughout the year as well.  Visit BOMA California's website for more detailed information.