BOMA SF/SFFD Annual Toy Drive 

For over a quarter of a century, BOMA SF members and their tenants have been the largest contributor of toys to this annual program that serves over 40,000 local families. This annual collaboration between BOMA-member buildings and their tenants kicks off in mid-October with barrel reservations.  The program tyipcally runs for 4 weeks from the 2nd week of November through the second week of December.  Below is information from last year's program.  Check back here in October to participate. 

What are Options to Contribute Toys in 2021? 

Reserve a Toy Barrel for your Lobby (Reservation period is now closed)

After surveying member buildings, a majority wanted the opportunity to place a barrel in the lobby to collect toys from tenants.  To reserve your barrel, you must complete the Toy Barrel Reservation form here by Nov. 1.  Barrels will be delivered week of November 8 – 12 (exclusive of Nov. 11, Veteran’s Day).  Barrels and toys will be retrieved week of December 13 – 17.  After reservations are received and the delivery route is established you'll receive an email approximately Nov. 3-5 with your assigned drop off and pick up day during those specified weeks.  This can't be changed and is based on our volunteer resources and defined delivery routes. Questions about barrels should be sent to Tory Brubaker,

Virtual Toy Drive

SFFD Toy Drive has contracted with a company called YOU GIVE GOODS and using this option tracks how many toys are donated via BOMA SF, its members and their tenants.  
Share this link ( with all of your supporters/tenants. The toys will be delivered directly to SFFD Toy HQ.

Order Toys to be Delivered to SFFD Toy HQ

You may also order toys from a provider (AMAZON or whichever store you choose) and have them shipped directly to:

SF Firefighters Toy Program
2225 Jerrold Ave
San Francisco, CA 94124

Drop Off Toys at any SF Fire Sation

Click here ( for a complete list of fire stations.  

Donation Suggestions

  1. Ethnic Dolls - We believe in raising self-esteem and cultural awareness in our youth. #everygirldeservestohaveadollthatlookslikeher
  2. Cultural Books- When children have the opportunity to see characters in books that they can relate to, it makes them feel good about themselves.
  3. Sports Items- Basketballs, Footballs, Kick-Balls, Soccer Balls, Tennis Racquets, and Tennis Balls
  4. Board Games and Puzzles - These give children a chance to play and interact with their friends
  5. Arts and Crafts Items- Jewelry Making Kits, Markers, Crafts Kits, Paints
  6. Gifts for Teens- Gift Cards
  7. Bicycles- We hold an annual Bike Day where over 300 kids receive bicycles.
  8. New Stuffed Animals
  9. Remote Control Cars
  10. Learning Toys
  11. Baby Toys and Baby supplies. Wet-wipes, rattles, baby blankets

Sample Tenant Letter 

SFFD Toy Program History and Donation Suggestions

For specific program questions, please contact 
Jill Peeler
SF Firefighters Toy Program Event Coordinator
2225 Jerrold Ave
SF CA 94124
415-602-8735 cell
415-777-0440 office