BOMA California

What is BOMA California?

BOMA California is a federation of all eight metropolitan BOMA local associations in California and serves as the collective membership’s legislative and regulatory advocate. It preserves and promotes the interests of California commercial real estate professionals.

Each Local Association nominates up to five of its members to serve on the BOMA Califonia Board of Directors.

Additionally, every local association is represented in the leadership of BOMA California via an elected officer’s position or seat on the Executive Committee. Therefore, every BOMA member in California has a voice in setting the policies of BOMA California.

Can I join BOMA California directly?

No. Membership within BOMA California is an additional benefit for members or member companies interested in legislative and regulatory advocacy at that state level thats automatically included in the membership of the eight metropolitan BOMA local associations.

If you're a dues paying member of a BOMA local within California, you're a BOMA California member as well.

BOMA International

What is BOMA International?

Founded in 1907, the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International is a federation of BOMA local associations in the U.S. as well as BOMA global affiliates across the world.

In the U.S., it represents all 88 locals and serves as the collective membership's legislative and regulatory advocate at the national level within Washington, D.C. It preserves and promotes the interests of commercial real estate professionals across the country while also providing resources to each local association to maximize the value of local memberships.

At the international level, it serves as a model for best practices and standards within the commercial real estate industry, and often partners with other countries in an educational manner, including but not limited to cultural exchange trips and bureaucratic advisory.

BOMA International's dynamic leadership is made up not only of 5 elected officers and an elected Executive Committee, but it also includes the voices of all local BOMA Associations in the U.S. through a 119 member Board of Governors.

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