Bill Whitfield
Shorenstein Realty Services

The Energy and Environment Committee facilitates the workable implementation of best practices in the management of building greenhouse emissions, waste recycling, disposal, and water conservation.

The committee strives to educate building owners and managers about upcoming issues of compliance while also education regulators about the potential challenges of new mandates.

  • To help commercial buildings become more energy effiecient and reduce the spread of greenhouse gasses while promoting sustainable business practices within the industry
  • To facilitate the implementation of best practices in the management of solid and hazardous waste recycling and disposal
  • To promote the implementation and ongoing maintenance of water conservation plans in commercial office buildings
  • To promote the use of appropriate assessment tools to determine environmental risks if best practices are not implemented
  • To promote practices that ensure healthy indoor air quality is maintained at all times
  • To promote implementation of green building practices whenever possible, including the purchasing of recycled and recyclable products
  • To promote environmentally sustainable transportation policies

There are no upcoming meetings scheduled at this time. Please contact Staff Liaison, David Harrison (, if you are interested in attending the next meeting.