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Upcoming Regulatory Deadlines (April 2023)

How to Comply with Energy Audit Requirements in San Francisco

How to Comply with Energy Benchmarking Requirements in San Francisco

How to Comply with the San Francisco Accessible Business Entrance (ABE) Program

How to Comply with the San Francisco Facade and Inspection Maintenance Program


Our Value to You: 2022 in Review

BOMA SF Voting Guide - November 8, 2022 (October 2022)

100% Renewable Energy Ordinance Draft Regulatory Guidlines Comments (June 2022)

San Francisco Downtown SF City and CBD Ambassador Program Information (April 2022)

San Francisco Welcome Ambassadors Program Information (April 2022)

Upcoming Regulatory Deadlines (April 2022)

Congestion Pricing in San Francisco (April 2022)



Commercial Garage Electric Vehicle Charging Ordinance Fact Sheet (October 2021)


State Resources

BOMA California

California Business Properties Association (CBPA)

BOMA California 2021 Year-End Codes and Regulations Report (December 2021)


Federal Resources

Addressing Homelessness In Our Communities (June 2022)

BOMA International Carbon Reduction Challenge and Resources (July 2022)

BOMA International's 2022 Legislative Priorities (February 2022)

BOMA International's State Workforce Development Toolkits (July 2022)

Civil Unrest Preparedness Check List (October 2020)

Small Business Energy Loan Enhancement Act Issue Brief (February 2022)

COVID Prevention and Implications for Indoor Air Quality and Energy Usage Brief (February 2022)


Advocacy Letters

Local Letters


A Place for All Ordinance Support Letter (May 2022)

OEWD Economic Core Revitalization Plan Budget Support Letter (June 2022)

Mid-Market and Tenderloin Community Safety Program Support Letter (June 2022)

Muni 2022 Proposition A General Obligation Bond Support Letter (May 2022)

SFPD 2022 Budget Request Support Letter (June 2022)

SFPD Full Staffing Resources Support Letter (April 2022)


Commercial Lease Debt Cancelation Ordinance (Preston) Opposition Letter (July 2021)

Climate Action Plan Feedback Letters (March - May 2021)

Emergency HVAC Compliance Ordinance (Safai) Feedback Letter (April 2021)

Small Business Recovery Act  (Breed) Support Letter (May 2021)


State Letters

AB 255 (Muratsuchi) Commercial Lease Abrogation Opposition Letter (May 2021)